End Youth Homelessness launches new billboard campaign in Glasgow and Edinburgh

End Youth Homelessness (EYH) is launching a new billboard campaign which will see new poster designs appear in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

End Youth Homelessness launches new billboard campaign in Glasgow and Edinburgh

Photography courtesy of Jack

The additions are part of a UK wide campaign, with 60 sites across London receiving posters and another 60 in various locations around the country such as Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester and Sheffield.

EYH is launching the campaign to raise awareness for its new Employability Fund – an initiative introduced in September to help homeless young people access the education and training they need to secure and sustain a job.

The fund enables a nationwide network of specialist practitioners who provide tailored, one-to-one Education, Employment & Training (EET) support, helping them build the skills, and confidence they need to go back into education or secure their first job.

To launch the campaign, EYH has teamed up with artist and designer Camille Walala, who has created the poster design.

Camille’s design is rooted in the campaign’s creative concept, which was developed by ad agency Truant London, which devised the idea of the maze as a means of visualising the barriers that young people can face in escaping homelessness.

The posters have all been donated to the campaign by ad-space agency Jack.

Khaly Nguyen, head of marketing, Jack, said: “We hope by donating our poster space we are able to help raise awareness around an issue that affects so many, and bring hope, community and opportunity into the lives of young homeless people.”

The launch of the Employability Fund also coincided with the release of A Brighter Future, a piece of research and accompanying toolkit that EYH created in collaboration with the Young Foundation that explores best practices for employers and job coaches working with young people.

Each strand of the campaign builds on a single simple message – succinctly expressed in the poster design: ‘Education paves the way from homeless to home’.

Nick Connolly, managing director, End Youth Homelessness, said: “We’re delighted to have continued support from Truant, Jack and Mill+ for our campaign, and are thrilled that Camille Walala has joined us. With a little help, homeless young people have enormous potential to overcome barriers and go on to live hopeful futures. We need to highlight the brutal circumstances faced by homeless young people and empower the public to take action.”

The campaign follows a previous billboard campaign initiated earlier this year called the #NOWYOUSEEME campaign.

The billboards mounted during the campaign depicted the stories of three homeless young people through the prism of their friends, who have missed the tell-tale signs that they are homeless.

Like the new campaign, the billboards appeared in 108 sites across London, Cardiff, Bristol, Sheffield, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

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