Falling approvals ‘have cost Scotland almost 20,000 affordable homes’

Falling approvals 'have cost Scotland almost 20,000 affordable homes'

Mark Griffin

Almost 20,000 potential new affordable homes have been lost over the last five years due to the Scottish Government’s failings, Scottish Labour has said after it released new analysis on the cumulative impact of declining approvals for new properties.

According to the figures, the number of new affordable homes being approved halved from 2019 to 2023, falling every single year in between.

Scottish Labour said that if affordable home approvals had been sustained at 2018 levels, an additional 19,169 affordable homes would have been approved over the last four years.

Mark Griffin, the party’s housing spokesperson, said: “The SNP-Green government’s promises on affordable housing lie in tatters, as the reality of their record of failure is exposed.

“From record levels of homelessness to extortionate rent to soaring house prices, Scotland is crying out for more affordable housing – but the SNP and the Greens are in denial.”

Falling approvals 'have cost Scotland almost 20,000 affordable homes'

Source: Chart 6 of the Scottish Government's Quarterly Housing Statistics

Mr Griffin added: “Once again this government is more interested in setting targets than meeting them, and Scots are paying the price.

“This housing emergency has been years in the making, but instead of fixing their mistakes the SNP is doubling down on them by slashing this year’s affordable housing budget.

“We need urgent action to boost housebuilding so everyone can have a secure and affordable home, including ditching this damaging budget cut and reforming our planning system.”

Housing minister Paul McLennan said Scotland has delivered more than 128,000 affordable homes since April 2007, over 90,000 of which were for social rent.

He added that inflation, supply chain issues and labour shortages linked to Brexit have created a challenging environment.

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