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Links St, Kirkcaldy

Links StThe steel sculpture was commissioned through Andy Scott and is based on the history of Kirkcaldy. The design is inspired by the Links Market and two of Kirkcaldy’s famous sons, Architect Robert Adam and Sir Sandford Fleming who was a major pioneer of Canada’s railways, inventor of the picture postage and who was also responsible for the invention of global time zones.

The motif at the top of the composition represents the rotating arms of the Ferris Wheel in motion. These evolve into a spiral, representing the helter-skelter and this spirals into a feature based on Robert Adam. Robert Adam was the dominant designer of the Georgian or Palladian style and the central feature of the panel is based on the capitol of a Corinthian column.

This section leads down into a globe which has an array of numbers radiating around it. The numbers represent the time zones around the planet in reference to Sir Sandford Fleming.

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