Funding extension for Almond Housing Association energy advice project

Almond Energy ActionAlmond Housing Association has been successful in securing continued Scottish Government People and Communities Funding for its energy advice project.

The funding extension allows the Association to offer the Almond Energy Action service to tenants for another year.

Almond Energy Action is an advice service offering tenants with Almond Housing Association free, confidential and impartial advice to help cut their heating and electricity bills and keep their homes warm and dry.

The project started up in April 2015 and we have now been successful in securing funding for 2016-17, which allows us to continue helping our tenants to save money on heating and electricity bills.

George Webster, chief executive at Almond Housing Association, said: “This is great news, the continuation of funding means that we will be able to help many more of our tenants to control and reduce their energy costs. The ever increasing cost of energy makes it even more important that our tenants can be best informed on how to keep their homes warm at the best possible price.”

Almond Energy Action is delivered in partnership with energy charity Changeworks to Almond tenants staying in Craigshill, Ladywell and Whitburn, areas which are identified as having high levels of fuel poverty. Over 250 tenants have made use of the service so far.

The popular service provides an experienced Affordable Warmth Advisor from Changeworks to help tenants overcome problems with heating and electricity costs or to apply for grants to make their homes warmer.

The Affordable Warmth Advisor shares useful energy and money saving tips for the home and offers advice and support by visiting tenants at home, giving advice over the telephone, or via mail or email. The Affordable Warmth Advisor can advise tenants on how to get the most out of heating and hot water systems, how to check and understand gas and electricity bills or resolve any issues with this as well as how to choose suitable gas and electricity suppliers and payment options. He will also advise on how to tackle condensation or dampness and other energy related problems tenants may have.

George Webster said: “This service is important for our tenants in order to budget for their home expenses. Heating and energy costs are a concern for many, not just those on low incomes, and the complexities of sourcing different suppliers, understanding charges and even operating heating systems can be very challenging. This project will be invaluable to many of our tenants.”

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