Funding open to help tenement owners in Perth & Kinross with communal repairs

New funding available through Perth & Kinross Council aims to support the completion of important communal repairs in tenement flats.

Funding open to help tenement owners in Perth & Kinross with communal repairs

The Missing Shares service provides an option to progress vital repairs to communal areas, such as the roof and external walls which owners have a responsibility for, where it has not been possible for them to reach mutual agreement on such works.

Applications for help through the council’s Missing Shares funding can be made where communal repairs are needed but cannot move forward because of owners’ unwillingness or inability to fund their share of the required works, or where owners cannot be found. Each application will be considered individually, and prioritised based on public health requirements and funding availability.

As a pilot for the service, a number of buildings in Perth city centre received Missing Shares support to address serious disrepair issues which presented public health risks to the residents as well as the wider community. Without the Missing Shares funding, the necessary repairs would not have been possible.

Councillor Bob Brawn, housing and communities convener, said: “I recently chaired a Housing and Communities Committee meeting where Councillors gave approval to the Missing Shares scheme, which should allow quicker repairs to common areas of flatted properties where one or more flats are privately owned. Delaying repairs to common areas can often have structural consequences such as failing brickwork or water ingress, and of course mean the problem can worsen and inevitably cost more to put right.

“I am sure that this facility will speed up essential repairs in these circumstances and save money and inconvenience for residents in the long run. Pilot sites we have already supported in Perth city centre have clearly shown the effectiveness of Missing Shares in resolving issues sooner.”

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