Funding provides boost for volunteers at Housing Options Scotland

Housing Options Scotland has announced the appointment of a new role within the organisation thanks to funding from the Bank of Scotland Foundation.

Funding provides boost for volunteers at Housing Options Scotland

Volunteer coordinator Ben Parker and Housing Options Scotland chair Margaret Follon

Ben Parker has joined the team as volunteer coordinator and will be working to develop the volunteer programme at Housing Options Scotland, to benefit disabled and older people in housing need.

Head of engagement & development, Fraser Gilmore, said: “Volunteers play an important part in the work of Housing Options Scotland, providing peer support one to one or in groups to disabled people, older people and those who support them, getting involved with research, helping with events and conferences, helping with case studies, blogging and a whole host of other ways.

“Many of our volunteers have been through the journey of trying to find the right home in the right place and want to help those who are going through the same journey as they did. So, we want to provide as many volunteering opportunities as we can, as we know volunteers greatly help the work of the organisation and the beneficiaries we serve.”

Ben said: “I’m excited to get started in the role, and I already have lots of ideas about what directions we can take the volunteer programme in. It’s clear just how much Housing Options Scotland value the work of their volunteers, so I’m really pleased to be able to offer an additional level of support to that. I’m looking forward to harnessing all the energy and ideas of everyone involved in Housing Options Scotland, growing the volunteer opportunities we offer, all to the benefit of our clients.”

Housing Options Scotland has helped thousands of people since its creation in 1997. Amongst these was Margaret Follon, who contacted the organisation in 2010 seeking help with her housing situation as she was stuck in hospital after needing major surgery on her spine.

Margaret said: “After nine months in hospital I was facing the prospect of being discharged to my third storey tenement flat with no prospect of returning to work. HOS helped me find the accessible bungalow I now live in which enabled me to return to work for 4 years and enjoy my retirement living a fully independent life.”

Today as chair of the organisation, she wants to help others by sharing her experience and showing them that accessible housing is available to anyone.

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