Getting to know Blackwood’s new housing officer

Alex Burns
Alex Burns

Alex Burns is Blackwood’s new housing officer for the East Region and will provide support to tenants throughout areas such as Edinburgh, Livingston, Peebles and Penicuik.

Blackwood put Alex under the spotlight to see how he was settling in and asked him some quick fire questions…

1. What was your first job & what lessons did you learn from it that you still keep with you today?

My first job was with an engineering company and it consisted of setting out measurements for foundations, concrete bunds, drainage etc. - it was like technical drawing except on the ground. I was involved with planning and helping to supervise groups of tradesmen. It was a tough assignment and I was conscious of my dangerous surroundings on a daily basis.

2. Other than work, what are your passions?

In my personal time I like a mixture of activities - I visit family, enjoy walking and exploring Edinburgh as I have just moved into the city, going to the gym, socialising with my friends and hope to turn my hand to my new garden. I also like to travel various countries - I’ve visited America, Thailand, France and Spain.

3. Given the chance of anyone, who would you want as a dinner guest and why?

I would like to have J.R Tolken, the author of Lord of the Rings as a dinner guest as I’ve enjoyed many hours reading his books. Not the easiest of books to read mind you but I would love to sit with him and discuss his thoughts, ideas and experience his wonderful imagination.


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