Government funds 24-hour fire protection team at Glasgow apartment complex

Government funds 24-hour fire protection team at Glasgow apartment complex

The Scottish Government has stepped in to arrange for 24-hour patrols to protect residents at an apartment complex in Glasgow after a report highlighted fire safety issues at the site and the developers have failed to implement safety measures.

A so-called ‘waking watch’ team of fire safety experts, funded by the government, will continually patrol the buildings and grounds, with the aim of giving residents early warning if a fire does break out.

Residents have been informed of these enhanced measures but details of the apartment block in question and the work being undertaken in individual buildings have not been released to protect the privacy of residents and homeowners.

The Scottish Government received the fire engineer’s safety report in late December, and passed the report on to the developers. Since then officials have been in urgent negotiations with the developers but they have not offered to implement the necessary measures. Therefore the Scottish Government has intervened to ensure appropriate safeguards are in place until a permanent solution can be arranged.

Housing secretary Shona Robison said: “We have been engaging urgently with the developers of these buildings, they must step up and take responsibility for work to keep the residents in their buildings safe. The safety of residents is our utmost priority – that’s why the Scottish Government is intervening now to fund this work and ensure enhanced safeguards are in place as quickly as possible. Our negotiations with the developers are ongoing and it is my sincerest hope that a resolution can be found.

“These are temporary measures while improvements are made at this site – residents have been informed.”

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