Gowkthrapple hub welcomes Virgin Media volunteers

virgin 2Local community volunteers from the GOLD Group and staff from Garrion People’s Housing Co-op Ltd supported volunteer staff from Virgin Media as they donated their work hours to help local volunteers in Gowkthrapple, Wishaw.

Alongside local community volunteers from the GOLD Group, the Virgin Media team helped replant the entrance garden shrub areas at Gowkthrapple’s CentrePoint community hub. With new fresh soil, bark, bulbs, shrubs, pansies and plants, the area looks brighter, better and more welcoming for local people and visitors to the hub.

The GOLD Group and staff from Garrion People’s Housing Co-op Ltd also supported the Virgin Media team with hot drinks and a bite to eat, keeping the spirits in the May sunshine.

virgin 1Jamie Allan Brown, volunteer co-ordinator of CentrePoint Gowkthrapple, said: “It’s fantastic that a large corporate company like Virgin Media are getting involved in our communities by helping make a different to people’s lives. The hub is the centre of Gowkthrapple with many activities and services based here. By helping us, Virgin Media and VANL – Volunteer Centre have made our hub more welcoming to everyone visiting.”

The group were organised by Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire, the local development agency for third sector organisations in North Lanarkshire in partnership with Garrion People’s Housing Co-op Ltd.

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