Greens disappointed at vote on fuel poverty budget increase

Andy Wightman
Andy Wightman

Scottish Green Party MSPs have expressed disappointment after Holyrood’s other main parties voted against proposals to allocate more than the proposed £125 million per year to eradicate fuel poverty.

An amendment from Andy Wightman MSP, housing spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, aimed to strengthen Labour’s debate motion as it did not call for additional funding. However, SNP, Conservative and Labour MSPs voted it down.

Andy Wightman MSP said: “Fuel poverty is a national disgrace with over 800,000 households suffering. The Scottish Government did not meet its target to end fuel poverty by this month and there is broad agreement across the parties that action is needed.

“It was therefore sad to see SNP, Conservative and Labour members voting against the Green proposal to increase funding.

“When the draft Scottish budget is presented next month, it’s essential we see a firm commitment to increase funding. We need action, not more words.”

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