Holyrood committee welcomes Housing Amendment Bill

Legislation which is intended to pave the way for the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to reclassify Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) back to the private sector in the UK national accounts has been largely welcomed by a Holyrood committee.

The local government and communities committee has recommended the general principles of the Housing (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill in a report published today.

While the committee was “broadly content” with its proposals, it has outlined some potential issues with the Bill for the Scottish Government to consider.

The report highlights specific issues raised by some organisations around the regulatory powers, governance procedures, the confidence of lenders in the wake of reduced regulation and other unintended consequences.

Local government and communities committee convener, Bob Doris MSP, said: “Our committee agrees that measures need to be taken to reclassify RSLs as private bodies, and it’s crucial that borrowing and building can continue at pace to ensure that the Scottish Government delivers 50,000 affordable homes.

“While we were broadly content with the Bill, and we agree with its general principles, we do recognise that the removal of these consent powers may impact previous safeguards.

“That’s why we seek confirmation from the Scottish Government on how it will work together with the regulator and social housing sector to ensure that there are no negative impacts as a result of this reclassification.”

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