Home energy advice saves £1m for Clackmannanshire residents

Clackmannanshire CouncilClackmannanshire Council’s Home Energy Advice Team (Clacks HEAT) has helped deliver over £1 million in energy savings for local residents.

By providing advice and support to tackle high energy costs and fuel debt, the team have assisted vulnerable families to live in more efficient homes which are warmer and more affordable to live in.

Cllr Kathleen Martin, spokesperson for environment & housing, said: “The work carried out by the Home Energy Advice Team is helping to tackle fuel poverty and health inequalities in Clackmannanshire, and I’m very pleased to see the massive savings that have been made for our residents. A warm house which is more affordable to heat and light brings many benefits for families, in ways we sometimes don’t realise, such as providing a better environment for children to learn and study.”

The team provide advice and support for those who find themselves in fuel debt and assist vulnerable families obtain the £140 Warm Home Discount to help reduce their fuel bills. They are fully trained energy efficiency officers and can assist householders to minimise heat loss in the home and to switch energy suppliers to ensure they are on the best energy tariff for their circumstances.

As partners of Home Energy Scotland, the team can also access specialist advisors who can provide advice and guidance on grants and loans that are available for renewable energy and also have benefit assessments carried out to maximise householders income.

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