Homeless Project Scotland receives £2,000 donation from Faculty of Advocates

Homeless Project Scotland receives £2,000 donation from Faculty of Advocates

The Faculty of Advocates Criminal Bar Association (FACBA) has donated £2,000 to Homeless Project Scotland, a Glasgow-based charity that provides support to people facing housing insecurity.

Among the services it provides to the homeless are regular soup kitchens, where additional support is given by the provision of food banks. The charity’s street teams, made up of its committed volunteers, deliver food, water, clothing and other essential items to individuals who are living on the streets.

Homeless Project Scotland has also launched the first national homeless helpline. It is staffed by trained professionals who offer support and advice to individuals experiencing homelessness or who are at risk of homelessness.

One significant way in which the FACBA donation is making a tangible impact is by providing funds to equip individuals with mobile phones. These serve as lifelines, enabling recipients to stay in touch with essential services such as the council and health care providers.

The donation is also contributing to a larger and more ambitious goal – the establishment of a night shelter, said Colin McInnes, a co-founder and CEO of Homeless Project Scotland.

He added: “Recognising the pressing need for a safe space for those experiencing homelessness, the funds are being directed towards laying the groundwork for this crucial initiative. The night shelter aims to provide a haven for individuals facing housing insecurity, offering a warm and secure environment during challenging times.”

The charity was put forward to FACBA for consideration by Lorraine Glancy KC.

She said: “I nominated Homeless Project Scotland because I volunteer with them, normally once a week at the soup kitchen.

“I have seen first-hand the good work they do to ensure that the homeless and poor have access to hot and cold meals, as well as soup and treats. Often the meals that are provided are the first proper food our service users have had that day. My daughter has been volunteering there since she moved back to Glasgow for work and encouraged me to get involved.

“As a long-standing member of FACBA I know that our donation will be put to good use by the charity which is funded entirely by donations and I am very grateful to FACBA for choosing this charity as our beneficiary this year.”

If anyone would like to join FACBA in its support of Homeless Project Scotland and donate, they can do so here.

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