HouseMark’s HRA Business Plan Comparison tool launched in Scotland

What is PlanForm?

PlanForm is HouseMark’s HRA business plan comparison tool. Following a successful pilot and launch in England we have adapted the product to meet the needs of Scottish local authorities.

So what does it do?

  • It takes input assumptions and output indicators from your business plan tool, enabling you to compare your HRA business plan with others in real time
  • It lets you see how scenarios and sensitivities compare with peers
  • Comparisons are presented on an anonymised basis – so you get the benefit of peer group comparisons without divulging your detailed results.
  • Data collection effort is minimal – we aim to source data direct from your business planning software
  • Through our Open Data Zone you have access to a one stop shop of key indices – a valuable source of key business planning assumptions and by combining with benchmarking data it provides both a forward looking and a retrospective VFM tool.

    So who is it for?

    There are a number of audiences who can benefit from PlanForm’s outputs:

    • Chief Housing Officers or Directors of Housing can use the system for reporting on HRA business plans to elected members/ Cabinet members and council committees as well as corporate management teams
    • It’s a valuable tool for lead officers on business planning in both housing and finance teams who are responsible for developing and maintaining the HRA business plan
    • Lead members and committees who are considering performance and strategic direction and challenging and/or seeking reassurance on business plan content
    • Tenants for scrutinising landlord performance
    • How will you benefit?

      • It will help you to develop better business plans by identifying and exploring differences in assumptions and managing risks – are assumptions realistic?
      • It can be used for presentations to corporate/departmental audiences helping you to explain current plans and by using alternative scenarios to highlight options
      • It can also help you to demonstrate accountability to housing portfolio holders, Cabinet and/ or committee members; to officers in corporate management and/or finance teams and to tenants involved in the scrutiny process
      • How does it add value?

        • Risk management tool – helps to provide assurance
          • Negotiation tool – demonstrate impact of policy options on:
            • Rent policy
            • Debt repayment cycle – how should you balance paying off debt with investment in housing stock?
            • What is the impact of investing in new build compared to re-investing in your existing stock?
            • Corporate recharges
            • Collateral for ‘partnership’ discussions with corporate centre – look what we can do for you!
            • Driving value for money and performance
            • So what do you need to do?

              For further information and to watch our PlanForm video click here.

              If you are a HouseMark member provided you have a thirty year HRA Business Plan then all you need to do is tell us that you want to participate. Tell Kirsty Wells, HouseMark’s Scotland Manager you want to take part or e-mail If you don’t have an up to date business plan but are still interested then let us know and we’ll arrange to discuss the available options.

              We will contact you to make the arrangements for mapping your business plan data to PlanForm. This should require minimal effort from you and once your data has been mapped you will be able use the on-line system.

              If you are not a HouseMark member please contact Kirsty Wells on 07730 764225 or e-mail: for further information about our membership services including PlanForm.

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