Interview with Ann Landels director of Crisis Skylight Edinburgh

In the final installment of this year’s Homeless Spotlight, Scottish Housing News talks to Crisis Skylight Edinburgh director Ann Landels.

Red Crisis logo - JPEGTell us a little about your organisation and what services it provides

Crisis Skylight Edinburgh works with single people who are homeless and vulnerably housed and have been in the city for over four years. We offer structured educational courses and taster sessions and also provide one-to-one support to help our members learn, develop skills and improve their confidence with the overall aim to support individuals in their journey out of homelessness and towards independence.

The learning we provide is both accredited and non-accredited. Being an SQA centre means we can deliver qualifications in core skills and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and we also award some Open College Network (OCN) certificates.

The one-to-one support we provide is delivered on a coaching model. It’s not compulsory, it’s a voluntary relationship that people enter into with us, so the coaching is about working with people through the issues that either got them into homelessness or will prevent them getting into homelessness into the future.

Being an outreach service, our whole model is based on partnership working and we look to add value to services provided by others. We are very happy to work with anyone involved with our client group of single homeless people and help agencies create better situations so those individuals can get out of homelessness and into sustained tenancies.

That’s the kind of things we need to know about so we can help people through it and let them know that we are always here should they need us.

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