Jodie Fullerton: When West Lothian took the crown for customer excellence

Jodie Fullerton: When West Lothian took the crown for customer excellence

Jodie Fullerton, the service development officer (customers and communication) at West Lothian Council, shares what it was like to win at the CIH Scotland Housing Awards.

In 2022, our small yet dedicated team won the CIH Scotland Housing Award for customer excellence. This achievement resulted from our relentless effort to establish a customer-centric customer experience team and implement processes that placed the customer at the heart of our operations. By incorporating the lived experiences of our customers into decision-making, we created a service that truly catered to their needs. Our journey began from scratch, building the customer experience service from the ground up and spreading the word about our unique approach. The recognition we received from customers and colleagues and authorities in Scotland and England affirmed that our efforts were making a significant impact.

Our team understood the importance of placing the customer at the centre of our housing service. We recognised that their experiences and feedback were invaluable in shaping our processes and procedures. By actively listening to their needs and concerns, we could tailor our services to meet their expectations. Our approach involved developing robust feedback channels, conducting surveys, and engaging in one-on-one customer interactions. This allowed us to gather vital insights and translate them into actionable improvements.

Establishing the customer experience service required a tremendous amount of work and dedication. We carefully analysed existing processes, identifying areas where improvements could be made. We implemented new procedures and streamlined communication channels to ensure a seamless experience for our customers. Through training programs and workshops, we empowered our team members to become customer experience champions, enabling them to provide exceptional service.

When I received an email asking for applications for the Scotland Housing Award, I knew it was an opportunity to showcase our team’s remarkable work. The application process was straightforward, and the CIH support team was readily available to assist. With great anticipation, we submitted our application, hoping that our efforts would be recognised. And to our delight, we received an email informing us that we had been shortlisted. The news brought immense joy to our team and reinforced our commitment to customer service excellence.

Although I couldn’t attend the ceremony in person, I connected with my team through Facetime, a testament to the wonders of technology. The event provided an excellent opportunity for networking and exchanging ideas with industry professionals. The excitement was intense as the time arrived for our category to be announced. And then, with great pride and joy, our team’s name was called out as the customer service excellence award winner. It was an unforgettable moment, and our team members went up on stage to collect the well-deserved accolade.

Winning the Scotland housing award in customer excellence was a significant milestone for our team. We proudly display our achievements as part of our look and feel campaigns, showcasing our commitment to customer-centricity. Our recognition has boosted our team’s morale and strengthened our position as leaders in the housing service industry. We encourage others to participate in similar awards and initiatives, as you never know what doors may open or who may take notice of your efforts.

Winning the Scotland Housing Award in customer excellence 2022 was a testament to our team’s dedication and the impact of our customer-centric approach. By placing the customer at the heart of our service and incorporating their experiences into our decision-making, we have created an exceptional housing experience. We are immensely proud of what we have achieved and will continue to strive for excellence in customer service. The recognition we received serves as a reminder that our efforts to put the customer first are valued and appreciated.

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