Just A Minute with Magnus Walker at PfH Scotland

Magnus Walker
Magnus Walker

Name: Magnus Walker

Position: Head of Energy Services at PfH Scotland, a procurement consortium for the Scottish social housing sector www.pfhscotland.co.uk

Which newsletters/ bulletins do you receive? Energy market data, commodity market magazines and Energy Institute publications.

How did you get started in the industry? I got into the Norwegian electricity market when I worked for a City broker. Then I worked in energy supply at Norweb and at power network National Grid. I’ve also worked for an electricity generator. More recently I managed energy purchasing at the Government Procurement Service.

Biggest professional achievement: Putting in place a 20 year energy deal on behalf of the taxpayer that had projected savings in excess of £80 million.

Best advice you received: Never bet money on stock markets that you can’t afford to lose!

What is the most important part of the industry? So much is key in the Scottish social housing sector but as I work in purchasing I have to make the case for the immense value for money that strategic procurement can deliver, particularly in terms of helping social landlords improve the services they deliver for tenants. I don’t think the social housing sector in Scotland really recognises the huge efficiencies that procurement can deliver when it’s done strategically rather than transactionally – and all this contributes to landlords delivering better quality and value for money to their tenants. Hopefully PfH Scotland will help to change that perspective!

What do you like most about your job? Potential to bring savings to housing organisations and their tenants through smarter buying and efficiency programmes via better frameworks and procurement services.

And least? Nothing so far!

What you would most like to change in housing? From an energy perspective I want to raise the knowledge base of customers on energy matters so that they can appreciate the opportunities there are for managing their energy spend better.

What future issues do you see arising in housing? Much higher energy bills as new measures around cutting carbon emissions (that are introduced over the next few years) lead to higher costs, regardless of energy market movements.

How would you change Scottish Housing News? Even more focus on energy issues within the Scottish housing sector!

Do you read a daily newspaper? I read all sources of energy market information during the week, mainly via the internet and Twitter.

Which social media sites do you use? Facebook - just to keep in touch with far-flung friends and family and also Twitter for work.

Which is the most useful for you? Twitter is the most useful for work - because it is so immediate and I can access such a wide range of opinions.

Hobbies and interests: Running half and full marathons, family.

Favourite holiday destination: I have just been to Iceland and would love to go back again. Generally though, anywhere new I can explore is fine by me!

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