Link helps find out ‘What do Citizens want?’

What Do Citizen's WantLinkLiving Ltd has joined a number of housing organisations by participating in the Carnegie UK Trust’s ‘What Do Citizen’s Want?’ project.

The study looked in-depth at a small number of users of housing services asking what makes their lives meaningful and exploring how support services fit into their lives.

It shows the profound effect that formal and informal relationships can have on people’s wellbeing. It found that people were generally more positive about support services when they were seen to be ‘going the extra mile’.

But this poses a dilemma for services. The report discusses these issues are discussed through the eyes of both the users and professional support services.

Sarah Smith, director of LinkLiving, said: “The importance of relationships and the positive impact on the people we support of staff being perceived as demonstrating kindness over and above their professional role is highlighted within this report. At a time when we see how the inadequate funding of social care and support services across the UK is resulting in health and social care staff struggling to spend the time with people that they feel they really need’, this report provides valuable and poignant insights into what matters to people.”

This project was carried out in partnership with the University of Edinburgh, What Works Scotland, Lorretto Housing Association, LinkLiving and Blackwood.

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