Link tenants highlight help provided by Fuel Insecurity Fund

Link tenants highlight help provided by Fuel Insecurity Fund

Link tenants have expressed their gratitude for the support provided by the Fuel Insecurity Fund in survey results published this week.

Link’s Advice Service sent tenants a questionnaire about the support they received from the Fuel Insecurity Fund, also known as the Warmer Goods Fund.

Two surveys were sent to tenants – one in January 2024 and one in March 2024.

Most tenants (76% in January and 72.3% in March) were more able to heat their homes due to the assistance they received from Link.

The majority of tenants (60% in January and 56.8% in March) said they felt less depressed or anxious about their financial situation since they received support from Link.

One of the tenants who completed the questionnaire, Brian Brown, said: “The fund was a godsend because me and my family struggle to afford food and other essentials. Receiving support to pay for gas and electricity was fantastic, especially as I feel the cold more than most due to needing a heart monitor at home.”

Another tenant, Julie Lumsden, said: “My husband and I received this funding as we both have disabilities and are unable to work. Due to the rising cost of living and living just on benefits, keeping our house warm is a struggle. Our illnesses mean we struggle with the cold, so this funding was an amazing help to us, especially during the winter months.”

A tenant also reflected on how the support she received from Link helped her through a dark time in her life. She received two grants, which allowed her to heat her home during December, January and February.

“I do not know how I would have survived the winter months without this additional support,” she said.

She is also grateful for the counselling sessions and financial advice she received through Link, saying without the support from two invaluable members of staff, she doubted she would have been able to cope alone through what she describes as a dark period of time in her life.

In the winter of 2020, the Scottish Government established the Fuel Insecurity Fund. It was increased in March 2023. The Scottish Government worked with third-sector partners to provide direct emergency funds to those at risk of self-disconnection or self-rationing energy. However, the Fuel Insecurity Fund is now no longer available.

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