Local business marks 11 years at Wellhouse Housing Association premises

Local business marks 11 years at Wellhouse Housing Association premises

Amanda Doherty

A local Easterhouse dog grooming business owner is celebrating 11 years in its premises in Wellhouse Housing Association, and is hoping for another decade amongst the community which she said is a “cut above the rest”.

Amanda Doherty, who started her dog grooming business Le Chien Grooming when she was only 22 in Wellhouse, has gone from strength to strength over the past 11 years with the support of clients from all across Glasgow, and her landlord Wellhouse Housing Association (WHA).

A recent report showed that Easterhouse was the worst impacted place in Scotland during Covid. However, Amanda believes that growing commercial opportunities within the area will not only be an economical benefit to the East End of Glasgow, but also increase the quality of life of those living in Easterhouse housing associations, including WHA.

As part of Wellhouse Housing Association’s aim of developing the economy within the area, the team are hoping to increase the number of commercial businesses in the area over the coming years and hopes to further bolster the community by increasing the number of businesses which fulfil the needs of tenants.

Amanda said: “I opened Le Chien Grooming almost 11 years ago in Wellhouse. At the time it was just a space to work from, but over my time here and as my client list has grown, I’ve come to appreciate Wellhouse and the community WHA has cultivated.

“Wellhouse is such a welcoming place, and I am lucky enough to feel a part of this. Everyone looks out for each other and supports whatever is happening in the area because they recognise that it’s for the greater good.

“It’s a tight-knit community here, so a lot of my business comes from word-of-mouth, but I have clients from all across Glasgow. People travel far and wide to get their dog groomed at my shop which I’m really proud of.”

Having a business within a housing association has been a huge advantage to Le Chien Grooming and this has never been more apparent than during lockdown measures when Amanda was able to work with the landlord to ensure her business and the community were working as one.

During the pandemic, Amanda worked with WHA to renew her contract, as well as seeking advice from the housing association as uncertainty around trading restrictions became a worry.

Local business marks 11 years at Wellhouse Housing Association premises

Amanda added: “I think any business owner will agree that the best landlords are the ones you only hear from when you need them.

“I have a brilliant relationship with the team at WHA, and they just let me get on with things as they know what I’m capable of. But during the pandemic when things became a bit more difficult, they were there to every step of the way.

“The team reassured me about my future at Wellhouse, and even started work on my contract renewal at a time when most businesses were unsure of what their business prospects were at all.

“That’s why I see the future of my business here. Not only do I know I have the support of my landlord and the community, but I believe I’m helping bring some life and colour back into the area.

“WHA are focused on improving the quality of life of its tenants and I can vouch for that as I’ve seen it time and again, and know that my business being here is part of that bigger picture.

“There is such a sense of team spirit here. Everyone is working towards a collective goal of bringing opportunity, boosting economy, and making Wellhouse a place tenants and locals are proud to be a part of.”

Maureen Morris, chair of Wellhouse Housing Association, said: “Amanda and her Le Chien dog grooming business, are a fantastic example of what can happen when landlords and tenants support and understand each other.

“Amanda has always shown such enterprise. She started her business 11 years ago, and since then we’ve seen a trend for more pet care – she was ahead of her time, and it’s this kind of entrepreneurship that will bring value to our community, and hopefully inspire more people to follow in her footsteps.

“We look forward to a continued successful, and mutually beneficial, relationship with Amanda as her business inevitably continues to grow.”

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