Macintosh makes housing centre of Labour leadership bid

Ken Macintosh MSP
Ken Macintosh MSP

Scottish Labour leadership contender Ken Macintosh has said the party would make housing a priority under his leadership.

His plans include a commitment to building 15,000 council or housing association homes per year.

Speaking during a visit to Parkhead Housing Association with fellow Labour MSP Michael McMahon, he promised a “bold new approach to housing in Scotland” if he won the embattled Scottish party’s leadership race.

He is competing with former deputy leader Kezia Dugdale for the post, with the winner to be announced in August after a one-member-one-vote ballot.

He has challenged his lone opponent to match his position on affordable housing.

If Mr Macintosh wins, he said Labour would be “aiming” to build “30,000 homes a year, half of which will be for social rent and with at least 10% fully accessible for disabled people”.

He added: “I want everyone in Scotland to have the comfort and assurance of a safe, secure and warm home.

“It’s not an impossible dream and under my leadership, Labour would use the powers in the Scottish Parliament to make it happen.

“We will strike a bold new approach to housing in Scotland, building tens of thousands of homes, securing a sustainable future for the next generation, boosting the economy, reducing poverty and improving health.”

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