MSPs to investigate whether Glasgow City Region Deals improve lives and benefit locals

Bob Doris
Bob Doris

Local businesses and community members from Paisley and surrounding areas will share their opinions of Glasgow City Region Deal with a Holyrood Committee today.

As part of its on-going inquiry into City Region Deals, the Scottish Parliament’s local government and communities committee will hear directly from local people in Paisley and Glasgow.

The committee will ask how local businesses and communities expect to benefit from the Glasgow City Region Deal and how far they are involved in the development of the Deal. MSPs will also visit Glasgow Airport to see the transport links between the city airport and surrounding areas for themselves.

The Glasgow City Region Deal, described as the second largest in the UK, was agreed in August 2014 with the aim of creating thousands of jobs, delivering local growth and developing innovative infrastructure systems.

Local government and communities committee convener, Bob Doris MSP, said: “The new wave of City Region Deals have been popping up across the country and Glasgow’s in particular has been seen as a flagship project and ‘one to watch’.

“City Region Deals brought with them the promise of thousands of new jobs, boosted regional economies and more innovative partnerships and ways of working. What we want to know is whether these deals will deliver what they say on the tin.

“That’s why we’ll hear directly from local community members and small business owners during our visit to Paisley and Glasgow today. We want to know if they think the deal will deliver economic benefits, if it will improve the lives of those living nearby, or if any improvements should be made.”

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