Muirhouse goes paperless with launch of new online portal

Muirhouse Housing Association’s board has ditched paper in favour of a new online portal.

Muirhouse goes paperless with launch of new online portal

 Bob McDougall and Lisa Murray

The new interactive tool includes messaging, meeting and agenda features to help make communication as secure and seamless as possible.

The advantages of going digital are significant’ board members can access reports they need to make fully formed decisions, instantly and efficiently, 24 hours a day, anywhere. They can electronically annotate documents and share comments instantly with other board members and staff.

Staff are also reaping the benefits and no longer need to compile, print and distribute significant quantities of paperwork under pressure of a deadline, a process which was becoming increasingly inefficient, expensive and cumbersome.

Lisa Murry, finance and corporate services assistant, said: “This is a welcome change to how we distribute our board papers. Our board members can access papers as soon as they are ready without having to carry large paper documents around or wait for them to arrive in the post. Going paperless will save so much time and money, not to mention reducing our impact on the environment.”

MHA board members have been given tablets and training which has empowered them with the technology and processes to boost the good governance MHA needs to thrive in the modern world.

Bob McDougall, chair, said: “The board of MHA are embracing the benefits that digital working can provide whilst recognising that itis a more sustainable approach in the long run for to long, vast amounts of paper have been used to provide written reports which mean considerable postage costs to then end up ultimately disposing of the documentation later on.

“Improved connectivity and more efficient business use can only be of benefit to users including tenants who will benefit from enhanced communication channels.”

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