Muirhouse Housing Association launches new website and logo

Muirhouse Housing Association held a celebration event to mark the launch of its new website and logo.

Celebrations included afternoon tea with branded mugs and cupcakes, and other goodies to give away.

Muirhouse Housing Association launches new website and logo

Developed in partnership with tenants and website designers NSDesign, the new website has everything needed for a great customer experience including:

  • Easy to navigate to find information;
  • Quick and easy access to report a repair;
  • Works seamlessly on mobiles and tablets;
  • Up-to-date, bright photos of staff, tenants and homes; and
  • Clear, understandable information.

Stevie McAvoy, Muirhouse Housing Association chief executive, said: “We are delighted to introduce our new website and extremely proud that we have achieved another milestone in our pursuit of excellent customer service. We hope all users of the website find it both informative and enjoyable to use.

“We are resolute in our ambition to continue to develop our website in future and ensure it always meets user needs, so it is very much still and always a work in progress. A big thank you to all who contributed to and supported this project, especially our tenants, staff and board. We are also extremely grateful to NSDesign for all their hard work in creating our website.”

Working in partnership with tenants and NSDesign, Muirhouse was also able to create a bold modern brand giving it flexibility going forward. Muirhouse said the new logo gives a legacy feel with dark green carried on from previous logos but also offers the vibrancy about the organisation moving forward in the light green and yellow.

Tenants were overwhelming positive about the change, commenting “Logo depicts types of housing and modern design & name is clear”, “It’s a good example of the brilliant houses you give us”, “Nice, bright, cheerful colours”, “Boldness and instantly recognisable”.

The new site is now live, and any thoughts, ideas or suggestions can be fed back using the online form.

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