Musselburgh tenant evicted after continuous anti social behaviour

east lothian councilEast Lothian Council has evicted a Musselburgh tenant following a period of persistent anti social behaviour which caused considerable distress to neighbours.

An application was made by the council to Edinburgh Sheriff Court after repeated incidents of excessive noise, large numbers of visitors causing disturbance, and damage to property.

The tenant was served with an interim ASBO in May 2015 and a full ASBO in June 2015 as complaints about his behaviour continued to be made resulting in both the council’s Safer Communities Team and Police Scotland visiting the property on a number of occasions.

Council leader, Willie Innes, said: “An eviction on the grounds of anti social behaviour is quite unusual but Mr Peacock’s behaviour, including the actions of many visitors to his property, caused considerable distress and alarm to both neighbours and local businesses within his community. The council will not tolerate individuals behaving in this way and this court action will, I hope, send a clear message that antisocial behaviour can lead to eviction.”


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