New committee members elected at Reidvale SGM

New committee members elected at Reidvale SGM

Five new committee members have been elected to the management committee of Reidvale Housing Association following the resignation of previous members.

The Save Reidvale Campaign Group, which was formed to keep Reidvale Housing Association as a community-controlled housing association during a proposed transfer of engagements with Places for People Scotland, had requested a Special General Meeting (SGM) to remove non-resident members from the management committee.

According to the group, these members had been “focused on the transfer of Reidvale’s houses to Places for People, rather than on the services provided to Reidvale’s tenants and other residents”.

Around 150 people attended the SGM on 25 March 2024 and were expected to vote on Resolutions 1 - 5, to remove the five committee members, but were informed that a vote was not required as the members had already resigned.

The meeting was then delayed as staff debated whether a vote should still be taken before Reidvale’s solicitor confirmed that the original decision was correct and the votes were not required.

Votes for Resolutions 6 – 10, to elect new committee members, were then held with the overwhelming majority voting in favour. The For/Against votes for the new members, all Reidvale residents, were 127/17; 125/18; 124/19; 128/14 and 125/18. The average was For 88% and 12% Against.

The five new committee members have now requested an urgent committee meeting to consider

  • co-option of people with specific skills, knowledge and experience, who are also supporters of community owned social housing
  • consideration of membership applications suspended since January
  • election of office bearers
  • a review of the appointment of the two interim directors

The new committee members said they look forward to working with existing committee members to begin the process of reviewing Reidvale’s priorities and to address the issues raised by the Scottish Housing Regulator.

A spokesperson for the campaign group added: “This has been another step on the journey to restore Reidvale to what it once was - one of the most respected housing associations in Glasgow.”

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