New housing developments in North Lanarkshire incorporate ‘net-zero’ pilot programme

New housing developments in North Lanarkshire incorporate ‘net-zero’ pilot programme

Councillor Allan Stubs, housing convener of North Lanarkshire Council, visited four developments across the area recently and highlights the significance of the new eco-friendly homes.

Ambitious plans to deliver 5,000 new council houses by 2035, benefiting communities across North Lanarkshire are progressing well, with hundreds of properties currently under construction.

One of the largest developments underway, at Holehills in Airdrie, will see 150 new houses being built; and 19 of these are to be ‘net-zero’ emission homes. These, enhanced sustainability homes, will have additional solar panels, battery storage and air source heat pumps.

Recently appointed housing convener Allan Stubbs visited the sites, he said: “The new houses are of a high standard and will provide wonderful homes for the people who move into them.

“The net-zero homes are particularly interesting and the pilot project of net zero is a first step towards more affordable, energy-efficient homes for North Lanarkshire.

“The new-build houses provide for varying needs which means they are adaptable and accessible, with ten per-cent of all properties are specifically designed to be wheelchair friendly and all will incorporate dementia-friendly measures.”

The net-zero homes will feature enhanced sustainability standards such as:

  • Additional solar panels, producing up to 4kw of electricity to reduce CO2 emissions, assist with running costs for the home, and reduce demand on the national grid.
  • The installation of battery storage units which will store the electricity generated from the solar panels (this will then become the priority source of electricity for the new home)
  • The batteries can also take advantage of variable energy tariffs, topping up during cheaper off-peak periods
  • The installation of highly energy efficient air source heat pumps which will allow the tenant to heat their home without the use of gas or any other carbon sources
  • Enhanced insulation to minimise heat loss
  • Enhanced windows and doors specifications (exceeding requirements set out in the Building Standards).

The measures are designed to reduce energy costs for the tenant, help keep carbon emissions low and help towards tackling fuel poverty. It is already anticipated that these new homes will achieve an ‘A’ rated Energy Performance rating.

Councillor Stubbs added: “The council has also committed to providing an electric vehicle charging pillar at every new build parking court and charging points at homes with private driveways.

“We’re also ensuring ducting and adequate space are available on sites for fitting additional pillars in the future.”

There are seven new-build sites currently being developed in North Lanarkshire:

  • Annieshill View, Plains
  • Dykehead Road, Airdrie (Holehills)
  • Community Rd, Bellshill
  • Lindsaybeg Road, Chryston
  • Castlehill Road, Wishaw
  • The former Orrs building in Airdrie, which is an off the shelf purchase agreement, and Northburn Avenue, Airdrie.

Each of the developments feature a mix of housing including one, two, three and four bedroom homes, wheelchair houses and bungalows, cottage flats and amenity bungalows.

The council’s new build homes are built to achieve Housing for Varying Needs standards, a design guide, which sets out good practice on the design of housing so that it can be suitable for people of all abilities.

People have various housing needs, which change through a lifetime. The built form of all housing should be flexible enough to accommodate a range of these needs. All the new build homes have been designed with dementia design principles in mind and have a range of features to support those living with dementia

North Lanarkshire is working to provide 5000 new homes for rent by 2035, with 954 completed to date, construction work currently taking place on another 364 properties.

The site at Annieshill in Plains is the next development to be completed and is set to welcome new tenants this summer.

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