New residential unit to let younger children return to Highlands

New residential unit to let younger children return to Highlands

Councillor Linda Munro

A bespoke residential unit has opened to return younger children to the Highlands.

Based on the very successful model developed by the Placement Programme, this new provision is now home to three young children for the remainder of their childhoods offering stability, nurture and care.

This is coupled with bespoke education packages addressing each individual child’s needs and two linked schools with staff aligned to the children for as long as is required.

A large number of professionals from social workers, teachers, head teachers, educational psychologists, residential managers, children & adolescent mental health practitioners, the LAC nurse and the Placement Programme team worked tirelessly on this very complex and multi-faceted project over the last year to ensure all elements were in place, whilst of course carrying out their business-as-usual duties.

Members in attendance at the Highland Council’s health, social care and wellbeing committee meeting on Wednesday shared their delight at the opening.

Councillor Linda Munro, chair of committee, said: “I personally commended the efforts and hard work of all involved for their patience, faith, resilience and drive to obtain the very best for our Care Experienced Young People.

“In addition to offering stability and striving for improvements in long term well-being and attainment outcomes, this model will cost the council significantly less than the Out of Area placements they replaced. In addition, the children are closer to their families, communities and the culture they know.”

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