New webinar series to support private landlords and letting agents

Under One Roof has teamed up with SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust to produce a full webinar programme schedule for private landlords and letting agents in Scotland.

The webinar series, which launched in August, has already covered issues such as noise reduction and cladding, and featured appearances and interviews from local authority environmental health officers, property management and Scottish Government officials, and the founder of the High Rise Scotland Action Group, among others.

The next one-hour session, held at 6pm on Tuesday 12th October, covers how to buy and sell flats responsibly. The webinar will feature conservation professional David Gibbon, a chartered building surveyor and chartered building engineer as well as a discussion with Ross Mackay, one of Scotland’s leading property solicitors, on the purchase and selling of tenemental property.

Registration details for the webinar can be found here.

In addition to the topical webinars such as these, at the end of each month Under One Roof continues to host ‘Ask the Tenement Experts’ webinars. The question-and-answer sessions connect private landlords and letting agents directly to experts in tenement maintenance and management. Topics covered so far include information on changing title deeds, working with co-owners, and preventing building collapse.

The next one-hour Q&A session will be held on Tuesday 26th October. Registration details can be found here.

The full programme:

Annie Flint, founder of Under One Roof, said: “We know that the private rented sector in Scotland is dominated by flats – two-thirds of privately rented properties are flats and a third of stone-built flats are privately rented. It is not surprising that we meet many landlords dealing with often complex problems created through the interaction between building technology, tenement legislation, other common law provisions and their co-owners’ differing perceptions of the problems relating to tenement maintenance.

“Many of these problems are not unique to landlords but the funding from SDSCT and the fact that we can reach out to landlords through the registration system means that we can be proactive in offering help to the sector.”

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