ng homes partners with community for cycling success

ng homes partners with community for cycling success

Veloboxes at Eccles Street

A project to encourage cycling around North Glasgow has come full circle since its launch in 2019.

Thanks to funding from Cycling Scotland, semi-circular bike storage shelters are just one of the many highlights of the progress made by ng homes’ Active Travel initiative.

The initiative was sparked by an aim to encourage enjoyment in cycling - through opportunities, and confidence, as well as secure storage and local, easily accessed bicycle repair stations. Recognising that community engagement would be key to success, ng homes partnered with Grease Monkey, looking to tap into their expertise on where bike storage units should be placed to provide the best benefit.

Fast forward to 2024 and cycling has come full circle with the project going from success to success. 192 secure cycle spaces have now been installed across ng homes communities as well as several bicycle repair stations.

From local schools to national cycling organisations, ng homes is working closely with community partners to share the benefits of cycling, especially those supporting both physical and mental wellbeing. Unused or unwanted bicycles are collected and refurbished before being given to new homes.

An early years cycling programme has also sprung up supporting children learning valuable cycling skills and confidence at weekly sessions. Older children have opportunities to develop outdoor cycling skills. Bike repair stations are now located throughout North Glasgow as a popular Active Travel Hub.

The Hub, launched in 2023 as part of a partnership between ng homes and St Paul’s Youth Forum (On Bikes) based in Provan, offers advice on a wide range of Active Travel topics including bicycle maintenance, tips, and (the Association’s) bicycle storage options. Used regularly by the community, the Hub is bringing many benefits including bike maintenance classes and access to bikes.

This year, ng homes will roll out an exciting plan to build on this success, developing an ever-expanding set of community cycling events for 2024. A focus will remain on growing community use of storage units and partnerships, working with many from local schools and OnBikes, to national cycling organisations such as Grease Monkey, Scottish Cycling and Cycling Scotland.

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