North Lanarkshire Council reveals plans for extra help to tackle homelessness

North Lanarkshire Council reveals plans for extra help to tackle homelessness

New plans to help support households worried about homelessness have been agreed by North Lanarkshire Council’s housing committee.

The Temporary Accommodation Strategy (TAS) aims to minimise the time spent in temporary housing and ensuring a swift transition for people into permanent homes and aligns with the council’s Rapid Rehousing Transition plan.

A key aspect to help those living in temporary accommodation is the installation of free, reliable broadband in over 500 temporary council properties to provide much-needed digital connectivity for individuals and families facing crisis.

Michael McPake, convener of housing, said: “This new strategy marks a significant milestone in our commitment to ensuring homeless households receive the support they need. By aligning with best practices and focusing on rapid rehousing, we aim to reduce the time spent in temporary accommodation and provide as much support as possible to those experiencing challenging times.

“The installation of free broadband will also provide significant support, as not having access to online services can be a barrier at a time when it is needed the most. By providing digital inclusion, those in temporary accommodation will be able to use vital online services and allow children to access important educational resources.”

The TAS, agreed by the council’s housing committee, outlines various actions to address the changing needs of homeless individuals and families. These include the development of additional dispersed accommodation units, review of support services and collaboration with partners to increase housing allocations for homeless households.

Anyone worried about becoming homeless should contact the council immediately at their local housing office, or call the emergency out of hours service on 0800 953 2424.

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