North Lanarkshire launches consultation into tower demolitions

The first stage of consultation is now beginning on North Lanarkshire Council’s plans for the demolition of its 48 residential tower blocks over the next 20 years.

Unveiled by the council in December, the plans form part of the council’s strategy to provide better homes, regenerate town centres and create jobs, while investing around half a billion pounds across North Lanarkshire.

Tenants living in the properties initially identified in the first phase are being contacted to discuss long term plans for their properties.

The towers highlighted in this stage are:

  • Holehills multis (Merrick/Cheviot/Pentland), Airdrie - Towers - 138 homes
  • Northburn Place, Airdrie - Flats - 26 homes
  • Shawhead flats, Coatbridge - Flats - 176 homes
  • Gowkthrapple towers - Allershaw and Birkshaw, Wishaw - Towers - 140 homes
  • Gowkthrapple low rise flats, Wishaw - Flats - 272 homes
  • Coursington multis (Allan/Coursington/Draffen), Motherwell - Towers - 351 homes
  • Dunbeth Court/Highcoats/Jackson Court, Coatbridge - Towers - 569 homes

The council wants to gather a clear understanding of people’s needs and aspirations for future housing in their towns and communities, and it said that all individual views of tenants will be fully considered.

Councillor Allan Graham, convener of enterprise and housing committee, said: “We’re now taking forward our long-term, 20-year plan, for the council’s towers.

“These towers have been selected after analysing data, such as demand for the properties and turnover. The flats have higher turnover as some people moving in see them as temporary accommodation until they find a more suitable long term home. That’s what we’re aiming to do, provide people with modern homes they want to live in for the future.

“Consultation will take various forms including letters, face-to-face discussions, focus groups and open days. We want to give our tenants as many opportunities as possible to provide us with their views. We’re also writing to all North Lanarkshire tenants living in towers and flats to keep them up-to-date with progress.

“Improving the lives of our tenants and regenerating our local communities and town centres are the drivers behind our long term ambition.”

Councillor Graham added: “Our tower strategy is in place to effectively manage and maintain our flats ensuring their security and safety. In the meantime, the council will continue to carry out the investment necessary so our towers remain safe, secure and attractive places to live. Our programme of inspection and repairs is currently being progressed to take forward all identified areas reflecting on the age, construction and condition of the towers. Indeed, we’ve also had plans approved to install sprinkler systems in all towers to further enhance safety.”

All future reports will be submitted to committee for approval following consultation, investment proposals and programme for all tower blocks.

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