Planning approval for Link Group’s affordable housing scheme in Kirktilloch

Planning approval has been granted for a 23-unit affordable housing development for Link Group at Kilsyth Road in Kirkintilloch.

Planning approval for Link Group's affordable housing scheme in Kirktilloch

The 23 unit scheme, designed by Page/Park, comprises a mix of 7 flat types to be built on the site of a former care home, and works are due to commence on site in August.

Located close to the town centre of Kirkintilloch the site is bounded to the north by Kilsyth Road, a major artery connecting Kirkintilloch to Glasgow and Falkirk, while to the south a swathe of mature trees separates it from the Forth and Clyde canal. To either side there is a mix of development across the generations, from Victorian stone villas to more modern brick housing.

Although the plot is double width compared to its neighbours, working with the length of the plot created greater opportunity for development. The design takes its cue from the staggered villa block pattern along the street and is split into two linear blocks either side of a central court or street.

The longer block is staggered slightly to give three blocks of similar proportions. The two blocks which address the street are mirror images of each other with gable frontages positioned to relate to the adjacent villas, while the third block steps to make full use of the length of the site.

Impact on the neighbouring properties is minimised by creating ‘room in the roof’ flats to second floor level and the eaves line is extended down to single storey at the Kilsyth Road end.

A simple materials palette of brick and concrete tile is used throughout with concrete tile hanging used to provide articulation to the roadside gables and reflect the horizonal eaves line to the neighbouring villas.

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