‘Participatory budgeting’ success in Maryhill

The Maryhill events attracted hundreds of people
The Maryhill events attracted hundreds of people

A Scottish Government scheme to help people choose where money should be spent in their communities by voting has been hailed a “resounding success”.

Hundreds of people exercised their right to vote on two separate days as Maryhill Housing organised two ‘participatory budgeting’ events one week apart in Ruchill and Maryhill.

The aim was to encourage local people to come along and choose which community projects and organisations were deserving of a share of £40,000.

Funding of £20,000 came from the Scottish Government Community Choices Fund and Maryhill Housing contributed £20,000 from its Community Fund.

Maryhill Housing said it was “astonished” by how the initiative caught the public mood as people queued to vote in special ballot boxes before the winners were announced. It is estimated around 400 people came along to the family-themed occasions.

Maryhill Housing’s community regeneration manager, Ruth Adam, said: “There is no doubt that the concept of Participatory Budgeting which empowers people to choose where money can be spent caught the public mood.

“The turnout at both events in Ruchill and Maryhill was sensational and we are very grateful to everyone who came along and took part.”

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