Partnership work delivers flat repairs in Coatbridge

Two blocks of flats in Coatbridge which had problems with falling masonry have now been repaired thanks to a successful partnership between the flat owners, their factor and North Lanarkshire Council.

The partners came together to use legislation to improve the appearance and durability of the Muiryhall Street and Dunbeth Road properties.

Partnership work delivers flat repairs in Coatbridge

Renewal works at Muiryhall Street

The local authority assisted the 48 owners and their factor through the use of ‘missing share’ legislation, which means that if the majority of owners in a block want to carry out necessary works to their properties, they can apply to the council to pay the shares of any owners who did not wish to progress these works.

The owners are in full control of the process throughout and follow procedures to pay their share of the costs. The council then pays the missing share monies. Once the works are complete, the costs attributable to any refusing owners are placed as a charge on their title deeds by the council. This debt, which attracts interest, can be repaid by the owner at any time or when they decide to sell their property.

“We’re delighted to have been able to help the owners and their factor make such a difference to these homes,” said David Provan, built environment manager with North Lanarkshire Council. “Despite having 13 possible missing shares to pay at the start of the project, we only had to secure debts on the title deeds of much lower numbers by the end of the process.

“The legislation clearly helps support owners living in flats who understand their responsibilities with the upkeep of their properties.”

The cost of the works was £230,000.

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