People power campaign for discounted energy achieves 20,000 members in four weeks

One Big SwitchOver 20,000 Scottish households have signed up to the Big Energy Switch campaign, reaching its original target set when the campaign launched four weeks ago.

The consumer led national campaign run by Scotland’s newest consumer network One Big Switch aims to use people power to drive competition in the energy market and unlock group discounted energy offers.

  • Over 20,000 consumers have joined to date and numbers continue to grow.
  • The total annual energy purchasing power of the group is now over £23 million.
  • There is still 1 day left for consumers to join the campaign
  • One Big Switch aimed to register 20,000 consumers in the belief that this critical mass would provide enough bargaining power to unlock group discounted electricity and gas offers for Scottish households.

    Big Energy Switch campaign director, Michael Stewart said: “The support from the public has been extraordinary. It is a clear sign just how frustrated Scottish consumers are with the spiraling costs of electricity and gas.

    “This huge response from the community is great news. With 20,000 members, we now have huge bargaining power. The more people who join the campaign the better our chance of success, putting more power behind the campaign.

    “There is still time to sign up your friends and family, the more people the more people power.”

    There is no limit to the number of consumers who can join the campaign. Anyone can register at It is cost and obligation free. Registration is open until midnight tonight.


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