Practical guide launched to help Scottish landlords get retrofit right

IWI GuideA new and practical guide for asset managers tackling retrofit insulation projects is being launched in Scotland this week, at a new professional gathering in the social housing calendar.

IWI for the Asset Manager’ has been produced to help address some of the technical concerns around projects to insulate homes, particularly through the use of Internal Wall Insulation (IWI).

The guide is priced at £9.99, but those attending the CIH Housing Innovation and Technology Showcase at Hamden Park, Glasgow on Thursday, can register for a free copy on Stand 1 at the event.

The guide is the first publication from Internal Wall Insulation (IWI) specialists Matilda’s Planet and is part of its commitment to help drive quality throughout the supply chain. The firm’s underlying belief is that a better informed retrofit team (including Asset Managers) will result in more successful projects.

The guide’s publication sits alongside Matilda’s Planet’s role as a founding member of The Retrofit Academy, a community interest company offering training to upskill housing professionals and contractors and other professionals with a remit for energy efficiency retrofit.

Sean McLaughlin, managing director of Matilda’s Planet, will also speak in Theatre 1 at the CIH event from 10.25am, discussing the need for fresh approaches in delivering successful retrofit projects.

Douglas Newlands, housing manager at Aberdeenshire Council, said: “Over the past year, Aberdeenshire Council has been re-evaluating its approach to IWI and carrying out due diligence on Matilda’s Blanket, to ensure that every home is retrofitted with the right insulation system - to deliver reliable, long term improvements for both our customers and properties.

“The technical support of Matilda’s Planet throughout this process has been extremely valuable and, like this guide, is a reflection of their commitment to help those involved in retrofit do the right thing. We have been very impressed with Matilda’s Blanket in the pilot projects completed to date. We are very grateful to the team at Matilda for providing tremendous support throughout the last year.”

Sean McLaughlin added: “We hope that the Matilda Guide to IWI will give Scottish asset managers fresh confidence in their decision making for large scale retrofit projects. Only through identifying the right solutions and techniques for each property can landlords deliver lasting results that improve the lives of thousands of customers nationwide.

“Thankfully there is already a commitment from Scottish Government to upgrade the existing housing stock and deliver greater energy efficiency. There is still a tremendous amount to do in Scotland, with the first year’s returns from social landlords showing over 140,000 properties currently failing EESSH.

“It’s vital that everyone plays their part in getting this huge undertaking right. There is no risk-free energy efficiency project, but risks are there to be managed - rather than creating a barrier to action.”

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