Public Art: Fairfield Housing Co-operative

unnamed (4)Fairfield Housing Co-operative is viewed as a regeneration exemplar in the UK with challenging architecture, innovation and sustainability as key drivers.

Fairfield has moved on to other regeneration projects in Muirton Park and successful city centre developments with a further 150 homes planned in the next five years they continue to punch “well above their weight” and put much of this down to a great board, excellent staff and key partners with Kingdom and Caledonia Housing Associations delivering Fairfield’s development plans.

Although much of the architecture Fairfield has delivered could be viewed as art itself the original master planning process identified a need for art to be used to “individualise” tenement blocks enhancing the sense of place and overall attractiveness.

David Wilkinson an Edinburgh artist with a track record of mural work in Leith was commissioned and the results are fantastic. David hand painted this work on site and the results are still evident and much loved to this day.

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