Satisfaction levels soar at Blackwood

Fanchea Kelly
Fanchea Kelly

A record tenant response has produced results that show soaring levels of customer satisfaction at housing and care provider Blackwood.

Chief executive Fanchea Kelly, speaking at the organisation’s sports and activity themed AGM, said that she had never known better levels of engagement with customers in her many years in the sector.

More than 50% of Blackwood customers responded to the recent survey, which found that the Edinburgh headquartered organisation had made a number of significant improvements.

Highlights included the number of tenants who believe Blackwood provide value for money had increased by 8% in two years to 79%. In addition, those who rated the staff as helpful had improved to 89%.

In her speech to an audience which included more than 100 tenants, Fanchea said: “I was most pleased with the huge response rate from our tenants to let us know their priorities. More than 50% of our customers responded, and that is one of the highest rates I’ve ever seen in a housing consultation.

“There is a strong upward trend in the number of tenants who think we deliver value for money. I was delighted to see the amount of tenants who rated our staff as helpful. And that 87 percent of our tenants now think we keep them well informed, an increase of five percent over the last two years.”

The Blackwood AGM was held at the National Sports Centre in Largs, North Ayrshire, and offered its customers the chance to try various sports and activities such as wheelchair basketball, dance and archery.

The Sports Centre – designed to be inclusive for users of all physical and sensory ability - also allowed Blackwood customers to sample various machines in the gym as well as watch and participate in displays.

Fanchea added: “When we asked about quality of life, and what we could do to help, unsurprisingly most people felt that being in good health was important and that relates very strongly to what we’re here for today.

“A wide range of options were suggested in what we could to do support you and those will be very important in shaping Blackwood’s next stage of engaging with you.

“We are no ordinary landlord, we want to be able to provide services that will help you live independently whilst feeling secure and comfortable at home.

“That might mean everything from keeping you connected to good information on your health or care needs, on the internet, to making sure you can meet, be active and socialise with other tenants.”

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