Scottish Borders Council launches local development plan consultation

Scottish Borders Council launches local development plan consultation

Scottish Borders residents can now have their say on the council’s proposed new local development plan (LDP).

The 12 week period for submitting representations opened on Monday until 25 January 2021. Those wishing to submit can do so here

The proposed LDP will replace the Local Development Plan 2016 as the statutory development plan for the Scottish Borders.

It sets out land use proposals and planning policies intended to guide development and inform planning decisions within the Scottish Borders over the next ten years.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the consultation is taking place predominantly online. To assist members of the public to take part, an interactive map has been developed to allow all LDP proposals to be viewed, as well as a video to help explain the process further.

Some households have already been made aware of the proposals through neighbour notification letters, advising them that the proposed LDP will continue to allocate a site near to their property. Such sites were previously allocated in the current Local Development Plan, adopted in 2016.

Other people will receive a letter informing them that the proposed new plan proposes a new allocation on a site close to their properties.

Councillor Simon Mountford, Scottish Borders Council’s executive member for enhancing the built environment and natural heritage, said: “I would strongly encourage community councils and members of the public to consider these proposals and let us have their views on them.

“Unfortunately due to current restrictions in place, the usual consultation drop-in events held in community venues across the Borders cannot happen. However, we have created a new interactive map feature to highlight what the proposed LDP would mean in your local area.

“If anyone is looking to discuss the proposed LDP further or would like some assistance to take part in the representation period, please get in touch.”

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