Second phase underway at St Andrews West development

Second phase underway at St Andrews West development

The second phase of the St Andrews West development in Fife commenced this week, with plans on track to deliver hundreds of sustainable new homes, around a third of which will be affordable homes, in addition to hotel, leisure, retail, and healthcare offerings.

Phase 2 consists of 16 houses, 8 fishers flats, and 38 apartments, designed by architects Studio LBA, with a focus on complementing the surrounding landscape. Key to the design has been an understanding of the sensitivities of placing a new contemporary development on the outskirts of such an historic town.

Phase 1, launched in Autumn 2022, consists of 18 houses and 20 fisher person’s apartments, with over 80% of homes sold.

The concept for St Andrews West was first mooted as early as 2000, with a formal agreement in place by 2002, and the planning application was subsequently approved by Fife Council in 2019.

Second phase underway at St Andrews West development

Rettie & Co is adviser to the developers - Headon Developments and S1 Developments (via the Headon S1 St Andrews West partnership) - and the firm is sole agent.

Sarah Curtis, Rettie & Co’s head of new homes, said: “While St Andrews West alleviates the housing pressure in the local market, the collective ambition is for far more, essentially to create a new community which enhances St Andrews’s overall offering as a place to live and work, while being best-of-class in terms of the standard and sustainability of the homes themselves.”

Jane Wood, CEO of Homes for Scotland, said: “It was great to be at St Andrews West last week to see the first new homes ready for residents. We saw firsthand how St Andrews West aims to be a shining example of urban development with a long-term commitment to the town and community. And through the planned mixed-use development, it is not just bringing new homes to the area, but also retail, education, and business.

“Sustainability is at its core, with a commitment to quality public green spaces, cycling and walking pathways, and supporting biodiversity. With the Madras College school also on site, the expansion of the town will create a new sustainable community focused on providing an incredible place to live.”

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