Share your views on the Planning Bill

Bob Doris MSP

The Local Government and Communities Committee wants to know what you think of the Planning (Scotland) Bill.

The Scottish Government claims that the Bill will improve the system of development planning, giving people a greater say in the future of their places and support delivery of planned development.

You have until 4pm on 2 March 2018 to share views on the Bill and if you think it will do what the Scottish Government says it will.

Key parts of the Bill:

  • Part 1 includes changes to the process of development planning from the National Planning Framework through to Local Development Plans and creates new local place plans.
  • Part 2 creates simplified development zones;
  • Part 3 makes changes to the development management process;
  • Part 4 deals with changes required to improve performance across a range of planning functions; and
  • Part 5 makes provision for the introduction of an infrastructure levy.
  • Local Government and Communities Committee convener, Bob Doris MSP, said: “The entire purpose of these proposed changes is to strengthen the planning system and boost its contribution to inclusive growth, housing and infrastructure in Scotland.

    “The Bill also aims to empower people to have their say on their places more than ever before, so that communities can influence development plans in their local areas.

    “Our Committee now wants to find out whether the Bill will deliver an improved planning system and if so, should any improvements and changes be made to the Bill so that Scotland can develop a world-class approach to planning its cities, towns and rural areas in the future.”

    Sign up now to be part of the conversation and have your say on the challenges facing modern Scotland.

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