SHARE’s Women in Housing Conference returns for third annual event

SHARE’s Women in Housing Conference will return in March with its boldest programme yet!

SHARE’s Women in Housing Conference returns for third annual event

The social housing sector is a great place to work, there is no question about that. It is a sector that appears to have significant female representation at every level, including the traditionally male dominated technical teams and board rooms. 

Some may wonder why this conference is needed when there is such strong female representation within the sector.

The conference was started to celebrate the achievements of women in housing, to recognise that we have high levels of female participation compared to most sectors, and to empower women in our sector to achieve their potential. It also looks to address certain topics that predominantly affect women across all sectors, such as family friendly working, and retirement planning.

In recent years there has been a lot more discussion, and awareness surrounding topics such as: menopause in the workplace, women’s safety in public, the disproportional effects on women’s work/home balance during the pandemic, and of course, gender bias.

As issues have come to prominence in society, and there is more awareness surrounding these topics, it is clear that this is an ever-developing area, and the need for this conference is greater now more than ever.

SHARE’s Women in Housing Scotland Conference will be held virtually on 4th March. For further details, and to book a place please click here to visit SHARE’s website.

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