Letter to the Editor: Have we already forgotten the previous house price bubble?

Dear Editor

It’s ironic that at a time when many are struggling to afford a home and make ends meet, a 6% annual rise in house prices will be viewed by some as a sign of recovery (Your Move report).

True recovery suggests a return to health. However, when in the last 20 years has Scotland or the UK experienced a healthy housing market? I would argue that a healthy housing market is one where everyone has a secure, affordable home whether renting or buying.

Our collective memory must be very short if we have already forgotten the previous house price bubble which played a major part in the financial meltdown of 2008.

So, yes, we need to build homes for people to buy but also to build 10,000 new social homes every year to end Scotland’s housing crisis for good. This will bring hope to the 150,500 households on council waiting lists and much-needed jobs to our construction industry.


Graeme Brown

Director, Shelter Scotland

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