Shettleston camps out to highlight fuel poverty

Big Shettleston Sleepover35 hardy souls spent a chilly night camping out at the Shettleston Community Growing Project site last week.

The Big Shettleston Sleepover aims to raise awareness of fuel poverty and to raise money for people in the Shettleston area affected by it. The event was organised by the Shettleston Housing Association’s SEA project (Shettleston Energy Advice) and local charity, the Shettleston Community Growing Project.

In all, 22 adults and 13 children took part in the sleepover. Participants were sponsored to experience for one night the everyday reality for many people in Glasgow – a cold home and a cold bed. A variety of tents pitched in the growing project’s community garden and allotment site served as ‘bedrooms’ and a marquee became the ‘sitting room’ where participants could socialise before bedtime. Thanks to generous local volunteers and Shettleston Housing Association staff there was a plentiful supply of hot soup, curry and cakes to keep people reasonably warm on a cold March evening.

According to estimates one in three households in Scotland are living in fuel poverty. More people than ever are struggling to pay their bills and often have to choose between heating and eating. Fuel poverty affects low income working households as well as pensioners and the unemployed. Worrying about fuel bills leads many to turn the heating off completely, resulting in cold homes, which can seriously affect the health and well-being of all family members. Shettleston Housing Association’s Energy Advice Project (SEA) has first-hand knowledge of the problems people face keeping warm on a low income and its staff are key partners in the Big Shettleston Sleepover.

It’s not too late to support this worthy cause. Donations are being accepted until the end of April and can be made online at

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