Site identified for new housing development in the Highlands

A site has been identified for a new housing development in the Sandown area of Nairn.

It will form part of the Highland Council’s plan to deliver 2500 new affordable homes over a five-year period.

The site, south of the A96, was labelled a zoned site within the Inner Moray Firth Local Development Plan, with potential for housing development. It also benefitted from an approved development brief.

Highland Housing Alliance (HHA) is conducting feasibility work on the site, including contacting statutory authorities to determine whether there would be any significant constraints on the site. The work also involved contacting the council’s planning service with regard to a screening application to determine whether an environmental statement would be required if a planning application were to be submitted.

The feasibility work being carried out will assess if the site is suitable and viable for potential housing development, and whether HHA should consider submitting a proposal of application notice (PAN).

The council is now required to undertake a consultation process before any disposal of Common Good land can proceed. Representations received must be taken into account when reaching a decision on disposal.

Any potential planning application would have to follow the major application process. No planning application would be made without approval from the Nairn Common Good and prior to submission of any planning application, full public consultation would take place.

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