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Housing officer Lee Barros and Greenock tenant Julie Bell
Housing officer Lee Barros and Greenock tenant Julie Bell

River Clyde Homes has taken a significant step forward in delivering modern services to its customers with the launch of mobile tablets for front-line staff.

Armed with secure, mobile access to all the data and processes they need staff will be able to complete a multitude of tasks while in neighbourhoods or customers’ homes.

At the touch of a button, they will be able to report repairs, set up direct debit mandates, give advice on rent arrears and update Universal Credit details. Customers will be able to get housing options advice, check their housing application, see what properties are advertised and place bids without needing to leave their home.

Elizabeth Grant, a River Clyde Homes Customer Board member, explains how mobile working helps customers: “The new mobile working has many benefits and will make a significant impact on delivering excellent services especially for those who have a disability or difficulty accessing our services. Staff will be more mobile and visible than before and with the introduction of these tablets, be able to increase their onsite presence, helping build and strengthen relationships with customers.”

Stevie McLachlan, head of customer services (West), said of the new mobile: “Our ambitions to have a flexible and mobile workforce are now being realised, building on our customer relationship with more personal contact than ever before. Mobile working will enable us to deliver better, faster services whilst saving money. This new type of working increases our understanding of customer needs and will build on our customer insight overall.”

The new mobile working is well underway and customer Julie Bell of Greenock explained how the mobile working has benefitted her: “My housing officer Lee Barros has one of the new tablets and it’s been really handy being able to contact him when he is out of the office. When I called him recently my call went to his desk phone, however, he was able to access my call from his tablet whilst out and about and he was at my door within 5 minutes!

“Having mobile working has been great for helping me keep in touch with my Housing Officer and facing the challenges that came with the introduction of Universal Credit. Lee and I have been able to work together to keep a roof over my head.”

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