TPAS praise for regeneration work of Wyndford tenants’ group

TPAS praise for regeneration work of Wyndford tenants' group

A tenant-led focus group has been hailed as the gold standard for its work shaping a £73 million regeneration project in Glasgow.

Wheatley Homes Glasgow’s regeneration of Wyndford in Maryhill will see four unpopular tower blocks demolished and hundreds of new homes built in their place.

Tenants are leading the Wyndford Futures Focus Group and working closely with architects to create a masterplan for the regeneration of the area.

Their work has been praised by TPAS Scotland – an independent national tenant and landlord participation advisory service – for being an outstanding example of tenants’ views driving positive change in communities.

Tenant Chris Quinn, one of the co-chairs of the Wyndford Futures Focus Group, said: “Wyndford is our community, and it is only right tenants have an active role in shaping regeneration plans.

“We are proud to live in Wyndford. We love living here and we want to make it an even better place for people to live – now, and in the future.

“There’s so much to be excited about in Wyndford and we at the focus group are proud to play our part in helping shape the masterplan.”

The focus group has already looked at the type and size of the new homes planned and discussed landscaping and green space around the estate.

The next meeting will examine how the homes will look – including the building materials used – as well as accessibility and security. Future meetings will cover issues including backcourts, car parking, street design and more.

Elaine Scoular, managing director of TPAS Scotland, praised the work tenants are doing to transform Wyndford.

She said: “We’ve been advising tenants’ groups and landlords for over 40 years and ensuring customers’ views are reflected in decision-making and the delivery of services.

“The work of the Wyndford Futures Focus Group is an exemplar for other organisations to follow. It is a gold standard example of tenants having their say and directly influencing what happens in their community. The tenant group is driving positive change and shaping the future of their neighbourhood for the long-term benefit of everyone in the area.”

Henry McLaren, the other co-chair of the tenant-led group, added: “The overwhelming majority of tenants in Wyndford fully support the plans by Wheatley Homes Glasgow. It’s what tenants want to see and what our community needs.

“The views of the focus group and the residents we represent are clear – we are 100% behind plans to demolish the four blocks and to build at least 300 new affordable homes, including 255 homes for social rent.

“This regeneration will shape our community for the better, not only for the people who live here today, but for families and generations to come.”

Wheatley Homes Glasgow is also consulting with homeowners and businesses in Wyndford to get their views on the mix of housing, roads and paths, security, outdoor space, and more.

A second survey, around accessibility and moving around the estate, will give people in the area the chance to have their say online and in person.

Feedback from the focus group, the surveys, and other consultations will be brought together into a detailed masterplan which is expected to be submitted to Glasgow City Council in 2024.

Meanwhile, artwork from schoolkids in Wyndford will feature on security fence hoardings around the estate from the end of October.

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