Turning Point Scotland celebrates ten years of Housing First success

Turning Point Scotland celebrates ten years of Housing First success

Social care developer and provider Turning Point Scotland is celebrating a decade of Housing First success.

Housing First is recognised by the Scottish Government as the default model for individuals experiencing homelessness with multiple and enduring support needs.

In 2010, Turning Point Scotland made the ambitious move to bring Housing First from New York to the communities of Scotland. A decade on, Housing First is now seen throughout Europe and beyond as an effective programme to address homelessness; with Scotland being seen as world leaders in this transformational philosophy which acts as the springboard to change the rest of the Homelessness and wider social care system.

Turning Point Scotland’s Housing First service recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, hosting the ‘The Good, The Bad and the Non-negotiables’ conference. A truly international affair, the conference saw 277 delegates registering from over nine countries in Europe and as far as Canada.

Turning Point Scotland have helped 425 individuals build a sense of belonging within their community and achieved an 84% tenancy sustainment rate. A figure which is internationally recognised as a major success for individuals who are experiencing multiple and enduring support needs.

Neil Richardson, chief executive of Turning Point Scotland, said: “I’m delighted that Housing First is now being seen as more than an effective programme to addressing Homelessness. It is a truly transformational approach with the impact being seen across the wider social care system.

“We must ensure that our collective ambition to imbed this transformational philosophy across Scotland is realised and Turning Point Scotland will be leading and championing this in the years ahead.”

Nicky Miller, head of homelessness for Turning Point Scotland, added: “Housing First should be seen as the springboard to change the rest of the social care system. We need to see Homelessness as a health and social care response, embedded in Health and Social Care Partnerships.

“We are about to start facilitating discussions about the upcoming challenges we face in Housing First through the Housing First Academy and we encourage others to get involved.

“Are you ready to talk about; support possibly being forever, services going to people, increased pressure on Homelessness budgets and implementing a systems fidelity approach? We are!”

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