Video: Young film-makers tackle homelessness

With two-thirds of homelessness in Scotland caused by relationship breakdown, reducing breakdowns is seen as a key prevention strategy.

Video: Young film-makers tackle homelessness

Figures show about a quarter of Scotland’s homeless are under 25. They may quarrel with parents or carers or fall out with their flatmates. And often they have no choice but to share accommodation, to cover the cost.

Sharing is a workable solution for many. But some struggle to adjust and, if they are evicted, may not be able to access further help.

In a bid to raise first-time tenants’ awareness of sharing pitfalls, the East of Scotland Housing Hub has commissioned young people to create video dramas that highlight the dangers.

The group, from care experienced backgrounds, worked alongside film professionals at Edinburgh’s Media Education, and two young actors.

The young film-makers developed real-life scenarios, centred on young Carly and Jake who find themselves flatmates, accidentally. Neither has a clue about how to run a home. They solve some problems but get a lot wrong. Just as young sharers do in reality. The short dramas are backed by practical advice about resolving the sort of messes Carly and Jake get themselves into.

The series can be found here and will be made available widely to organisations that work with young people.

For more information, please contact: Mike Lloyd on 01386 863743 or at:

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